Fossil of Mary the ichthyosaur. Is it ichthyosaur, temnodontosaurus platyodeon ?
Report no. 2

A bit of a delay since the last one as the summer holidays have been a busy period in the shop.

GOOD NEWS - Tony has found some more parts of the paddles following further cliff erosion.

Temnodontosaurus platyodeon, ichthyosaur

Teeth now exposed on the third section of jaw.

Tony with an air chisel carefully taking off surplus  rock from the fourth section of jaw which holds part of the eye socket.

Temnodontosaurus platyodeon, ichthyosaur

Eye socket exposed on jaw joint section.

The strange shape of the eye socket gave Tony and Pete some concern that
Mary  was in fact a
Temnodontosaurus platyodeon
however they feel at the moment that a distortion could have occurred when the skull was crushed under tremendous pressure.

Progress still going well.

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