Updated December 10, 2004

This page will be updated from time to time to show the processes involved in preserving and preparing the fossil of Mary the giant ichthyosaur
at the Charmouth Fossil Shop.

1. Commencing  preserving and preparing the fossil of Mary the giant ichthyosaur. The first report by Tony dated Thursday 10th August 2000. click here
2. The third and forth section of the jaw and the eye socket exposed dated 23rd October 2000. click here
3. Shows the upper and lower jaw ready for acid treatment dated 12th December 2000. More paddle and tail found. click here
4. Shows the main of the jaws after partial acid treatment dated 4th July 2001. click here
5. The jaws nearly completed - 4th August 2001. click here.
6.  The completed jaws dated 1st November  2001. click here
24th April 2002 - Work is still continuing on Mary - she should be on display in the shop from August.
6.  The completed skull and demonstration of size 24th April 2003. click here


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Charmouth fossils at Charmouth Fossil Shop.

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You can visit Tony at his Charmouth Fossil Shop if you wish to see Mary the giant ichthyosaur.